To view a work with the Adobe Reader version 6 or better (version 7 gives the best results) or stand alone DjVu viewers such as the open source WinDjView or MacDjView, just click here. This will open another browser window that allows access to both the PDF and bundled DjVu version of the work. For PDF files simply click on the file name as you would normally do to open a file or link. To download either type file for saving or desktop viewing just 'right click' on the file name and select "Save Target As" from the drop-down option menu and choose or create the directory on your machine that you wish to save the file in. The number to the left of each file shows that file's size.

Other DjVu viewers:
WinDjView & MacDjView (These are the first DjVu viewers with continuous scrolling, advanced printing options, and in context text-search results; they are based on the open-source DjVuLibre library). Local copies of WinDjView and MacDjView that can be downloaded as the described for the bundled files.
DjVuReader (intended for viewing djvu files in Windows95/98/XP)

These resources will open in a separate browser window.


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