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If you do not see the image to the right you will need the DjVu web-browser plug-in to best view the actual page-images. You can obtain the plug-in by clicking here or on the icon below the image description. Generally the plug-in install will work best if you download the install files and run them locally rather than selecting the auto-install option, which is sometimes thwarted by firewall and other local security settings. If you cannot install the DjVu plug-in, but the machine you are using has Java installed, you may still be able to view the page-images by using the new open-source Java applet. A Java viewing option is provided for all titles. There are also other non-commercial desktop viewers that run without an install routine and so may be helpful if using a machine that prohibits the install of software. Most recently 'layered PDF' versions of most works have been added. This type of PDF format is similar to DjVu in structure and file size, but unlike DjVu, all of the files (pages) of a work will download, not just the pages you wish to see. Page-images can be displayed using Adobe Reader 6, but the images look much better with Adobe Reader 7 or 8. Access to the PDF files and bundled DjVu files for use with the open-source desktop viewers is provided from the option menu of each work.

The advantage of this efficient compression format is that it produces page-images of the publications, as they were originally printed, with a small enough file-size to be easily and quickly viewed via the Internet. With the latest plug-in (version 6.1.4) the files are fully searchable, images can be rotated, selected areas can be printed and thumbnails can be displayed.

You can also search all materials with Boolean and Proximity operators by using the Query Page, which will provide plain text summary; even without the plug-in. Also, each volume has a discrete search tool (click for an example) that will present query hits in a form which will allow fetching the DjVu target file through the DjVu document page indexing scheme; this enables the user to easily page backwards or forward from the target page--as if the book were in hand.

Please keep in mind when reading older materials that world-view and word-usage can be quite different from today's norm. An additional offsite resource that also utilize this new image compression technology and may be helpful with regard to word definitions and historical context is:
The Century Dictionary Online

More online titles:
An excellent database of online titles, in varied formats, from the University of Pennsylvania.

More information on this format:
DjVuLibre (open source)
Caminova (format overview)

Other DjVu viewers:
WinDjView & MacDjView (These are the first DjVu viewers with continuous scrolling, advanced printing options, and in context text-search results; they are based on the open-source DjVuLibre library)

The above resources will open in a separate browser window.

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